up and onto the Railyard Portable Obstacle Course.
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Obstacle Courses

Modern fitness equipment for fitness professionals and fitness facilities

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Improve global movement by integrating whole body movements

Elevate each exercise up and onto the Rails demanding complete neuromuscular command

Include multiple planes of movement including forward, backward, lateral, up, down, across, over, or under

Use all your favorite fitness tools (e.g. ropes, heavy balls, resistance bands, etc.) on the Railyard for new and exciting challenges

The world is not flat

Train For The Real World

Add movements to your workouts on our exclusive incline and decline rails!

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It is so functional, the Railyard Obstacle Course offers a different layout every time and every day. Our members and trainers love the variety it provides in the class/program whether it is functional training or athletic training."

Caesar Martinez, Wellness Director Renaissance Club Sport, Aliso Viejo

The Railyard Obstacle Course has changed the way I think about fitness after 18 years. I get so fired-up to do Railyard which in turns fires up my clients. I love teaching with the Railyard and my clients love the challenge and fun it brings to our classes/programs."

Jamie Atlas, BonzaBodies, PT

The Railyard Obstacle Course provides a dynamic environment for the professional athlete to go up, over, around and under an obstacle, thus improving the agility, strength, and power needed for them to succeed in practices and games."

Carol Hahnstadt, NFL Trainer

I use this type of training because it challenges the entire body’s strength, coordination, balance, cardiovascular condition, and flexibility and does so in a very natural way. My clients and students of all ages love the Railyard because it is fun!"

Leslie Mueller, B.S., C.P.T.

I teach a very popular adult class on the Railyard that is loved by all! I’ve received many standing ovations from the group conditioning sessions I’ve been hosting at Body by X Skill Development & Training Center with boys and girls varsity basketball, competitive soccer clubs, AAU basketball club teams and pee wee football programs. The kids jump at the opportunity to go “yard."

Xavier Jarrell McClinton, COO, Trainer, Coach. Mentor, Head Coach North Bay Lady Cavs