Parkour is today's youth favorite form of movement!

Launch a Parkour class in your facility today

Youth activity parents love as much as thier kids!

Offer a free or fee-based parkour class today and like the martial arts classes found in facilities around the country attract new family memberships, retain those you already have and add revenue to your bottom line.

Fee based Parkour can provide you a ROI in as little as 12 to 16 weeks!

Our program is born from our desire to introduce fun, functional fitness that not only appeals to the young members of today’s fitness facility, it appeals to their parents.

Your purchase includes everything you need to add Parkour to your youth programming

You get the #2 Railyard Portable Obstacle Course perfect for up to 20 users PLUS free lifetime access to Apex School of Movement's complete online Parkour training curriculum, a $500.00 value. All this for only $5600.00 including shipping.  The Railyard is found in over 1500 schools, health clubs, recreation centers and sports conditioning facilities around the world for over 16 years-it’s an investment that will last a lifetime.

Parkour portable obstacle course
Apex School of Movement Online Training

Lifetime access to online training designed to progress from class to class, this course teaches the fundamentals
of Parkour, promotes better strength and mobility, and emphasizes the
relationship between the two. Students will learn basic skills including moving
quadrupedally, landing, rolling, falling, balancing, jumping, vaulting, and
more. Additionally, students will apply these skills to complete mental challenges, complex movement
combinations, and obstacle courses.

Why Parkour for kids?

Parkour will develop a child’s global motor skills, endurance, coordination, balance, agility, functional strength, mobility and speed which are all vital for success in any sport.  Parkour will also provide a child the confidence in their ability to move though the world. Should they ever be put in a situation where they must choose to fight or flight, they will have the skill and confidence to evade - the much-preferred action if in a situation where harm is possible.  Martial Arts will teach them to fight, Parkour will teach them to escape!