Obstacle Courses in physical education

Exercise and Physical Activity on the Railyard among the single most effective total body fitness programs for children on the planet. Easy to teach and cost effective!  Now in over 1000 K-12 schools and fitness facilities across the U.S. and in 7 countries!

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The Railyard Obstacle Course is lightweight, easy to set up and store, easy to teach and kids love it!!! It's easy to transport from school to school or to community events to demonstrate your program. The Railyard is durable, cost effective and an excellent investment in any physical activity and exercise program in schools, health clubs or community centers.

Children love playing (exercising) on the Railyard, and why wouldn't they, it's like jumping, crawling, and climbing on a giant set of Lincoln Logs. To a child, this is pure fun; they have no idea how hard they are working. Hundreds of schools and public and private fitness facilities have added the Railyard Conditioning Course to their programs which makes fitness fun and functional for their students and members. Now is the time for you to take a serious look at putting the Railyard Conditioning Course to work for you, your school, health facility, community, and your kids?

Functional movement is not exclusive to adults; observe a child at play and you will see every possible movement a body can be called upon to facilitate, and some movements that do not seem possible. This is the primary reason the Railyard is becoming the standard by which all exercise products in the physical education market are gauged. Not only does the Railyard provide a platform for truly functional fitness, it is fun! Ask any physical educator or early childhood academic and they will tell you, if the program is not fun, children will not be engaged, and if they are not engaged, the efforts will be fruitless.

Read the testimonials from P.E. teachers across the country, then contact us and let’s discuss how we can get a Railyard into your PE or children’s fitness program today. The Railyard is easy to teach, easy to transport, easy to set up, easy to store, and provides the most exercise benefit you can give the children in your program.

Nothing is better for developing the global physical skills a child needs to play sports. Develop strength, agility, balance, coordination, endurance, speed, power, flexibility, joint stability and improve posture in a playful, non-competitive program that will give your children a positive attitude towards exercise and prepare them for a lifetime of health.

We train patterns, not parts. Movement on the Railyard replicates the wide array of natural movements caused by our environment are all brought to being through patterns, not by parts. The parts of the body and the structure of the body submit themselves to the will of the pattern.

Patterns that exploit opportunities to deal with force result in stronger parts. Patterns that rely on quick reaction time create parts that respond in an instant. Patterns that create flexibility yield parts that are extensible. In all of the situations that are real in life, we develop better patterns, and the parts respond.

The essence of ‘functional exercise’ is that the exercise carries over into numerous activities—activities that create fundamental foundations, which support more specific skills.
Nothing is more gratifying than to witness what is seen on this video. The obvious physical benefit these children are receiving from the time they are spending on the Railyard is exceptional. The children are actually enjoying exercising, and this is going to prepare them for a lifetime of positive exercise experiences.
Instructors at PE4Life Academy in Iowa performed a Heartrate study on the Railyard, the results were that exercise on the Railyard is the easiest way to get a child into a target zone and keep them there.

Heartrate study, click here.  Give your students and children the positive, productive, joyful experience they will have on the Railyard!


Here's what kids have to say:

“I liked the Railyard because, I like doing parkour because you get doing things and climb things.”

— Braylon 4th grade

“I loved the Railyard Fitness because it was fun to jump around and balance. Thank you so much!”

— Tinzley 4th grade

“I like the Railyard Fitness because it feels like you are walking on a log over a river.”

— Koltyn 4th grade

“I loved the Railyard Fitness because it was a fun new activity that we had never done before.”

— Oaklee 4th grade

“Thank you for the Railyard Fitness. I like it because you can do a plethora of things on it.”

— Emma 5th grade

“I like the Railyard Fitness because it’s fun and challenging.”

— Taysen 5th grade

“I like the Railyard Fitness because it was good exercise, and it was fun to balance on it. Thank You!”

— Anabelle 5th Grade

“I like the Railyard Fitness because you can do a lot of things with it, and I like how you can use it for a lot of game. It is really fun and useful.”

— Whitney 5th grade

“I like that I can jump, climb, and I can balance on the Railyard Fitness.”

— Samson 3rd grade

“It reminds me of parkour which I love! Thank You.”

— Kaid 5th Grade

“I like the Railyard Fitness because it helps us work on balancing and it was fun seeing new patterns and courses every day.”

— Lucy 5th Grade

“I like the Railyard Fitness because it is fun.”

— Martha 2nd Grade

“It is very, very fun.”

— Embry 1st grade


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