Obstacle Course sports conditioning

Movement on the Railyard Obstacle Course develops and improves patterns, not parts.

Movement on the Railyard replicates the wide array of natural movements caused by our environment are all brought to being through patterns, not by parts. The parts of the body and the structure of the body submit themselves to the will of the pattern.

Patterns that exploit opportunities to deal with force result in stronger parts. Patterns that rely on quick reaction time create parts that respond in an instant. Patterns that create flexibility yield parts that are extensible. In all of the situations that are real in life, we develop better patterns, and the parts respond.

The essence of ‘functional exercise’ is that the exercise carries over into numerous activities—activities that create fundamental foundations, which support more specific skills.

Coach Billy Corbett, has used the Railyard Obstacle Course in his award winning program for over 7 years.
We believe training movement patterns will be more efficient than training body parts. One isn’t necessarily better than the other but to master energy efficiency, wouldn’t it be better to utilize the whole body instead of one muscle group?

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Exercise on the Railyard is fun, and every youth exercise expert will tell you that fun is the most important element of a children's program. The jumping, crawling, ducking, and climbing movements involved on the Railyard will provide a child with strength, improved balance, cardio, stamina, balance, flexibility, coordination, and improve their posture. Children's exercise on the Railyard challenges not only a young body, but also a young mind. The exercises naturally engage all the movement centers of the brain, crossing the mid-lines on all three planes. Creativity is natural on the Railyard Course as your students and athletes visualize and execute the movements, and overcome challenges on the Course. Confidence will grow as a child experiences the thrill of successfully executing the exercises and movements, and realizing their improvements day by day. All the exercises can be easily modified to accommodate every child, so they will succeed. Remember - kids fitness is fun on the Railyard!

What is Exercise on the Railyard?

Exercise on the Railyard Conditioning Course is 100% natural fitness; these are the movements we utilized as we evolved as a species. There are six fundamental components to a sports conditioning program on the Railyard:

1) Going up and down or over something
2) Going under something
3) Going around something
4) Challenging and removing your limitations
5) Using multiple environments
6) And most important of all—having fun!

Consider the following perceptual skills that help make up our ability to move and learn effectively:
Body Awareness: Understanding the parts of the body and various ways they can move.
Directional Awareness: The ability to understand the directions of the body (right, left, up, down, etc.) and to be able to move in all planes of motion.
Spatial Awareness: A concept of how much space the body occupies in relation to the surrounding environment.
Temporal Awareness: The sense of timing, rhythm, and precision.
Vestibular Awareness: An internal sense of the head and body’s position in relation to gravity.
Proprioceptive Awareness: The ability to interpret the internal sense of where the body and specific joints are in space and in relation to each other, and how much force/velocity they are exerting.
Tactile Awareness: The ability to appropriately respond to touch, in addition to differentiation of objects by size, texture, and shape.
Visual Awareness: The ability to visually focus, track, and take in broad fields of view.
Auditory Awareness: The ability to accurately interpret and respond to sound.

Using these fundamentals of children's sports conditioning gives you many options; you are not limited to any rules. Remember, this is all about playing. So, how do you want to play on any given day?

Executing whole body movement relies on excellent proprioception and coordination derived from rehearsed mind-to-muscle communication pathways. Strategic training for this outcome will create bigger, faster, stronger and smarter muscles. Success in the strength training industry is measured by results. Professional athletes maintain sizable contracts by working diligently with well organized sport coaches who plan every aspect of the performance process from intricate workout design through extensive, season-long cyclic training programs. Conditioning coaches are hired and fired based on their ability to inspire athletes to create short and long term tangible physical change. In a society that changes in an instant, moves at a lightning fast pace, and can access information in a heartbeat, the ability to deliver real results quickly is paramount. That means it's time to shift gears from training harder, to training smarter. The Railyard is a tool, a platform, a philosophy you will use to build upon and develop the strategies you need to succeed as a youth or athletic conditioning professional. The Railyard allows you to flex and grow your creativity while providing you a reliable foundation upon which to grow your business and achieve your personal goals. We've packaged Courses in this website that meet predetermined group size and budgets. Let us design a Course that's perfect for your facility, target market and budget. Railyard components are interchangeable and allow you to expand as you feel necessary. Shop on-line or contact us today.

Here is link to Railyard videos on YouTube featuring reviews from all over the world.

The following video is taken from the TV show "How the Pros Train" and features professional football players who trained on an outdoor version of the Railyard throughout their entire professional careers. They are two of thousands of elite athletes who have and continue to train on obstacle courses throughout the world.