Sports conditioning is global movement, and those skills are developed on the Railyard

Why train athletes on the Railyard?

Improve global movement skills necessary for safe and efficient athletic movements.

Movement on the Railyard Obstacle Course develops and improves patterns, not parts.

Patterns that exploit opportunities to deal with force result in stronger parts.

Patterns that rely on quick reaction time create parts that respond in an instant.

Patterns in multiple planes of movement including forward, backward, lateral, up, down,
across, over, and under.

The Railyard develops perceptual skills that help make up our ability to move and learn effectively:

Body Awareness: Understanding the parts of the body and various ways they can move.

Directional Awareness: The ability to understand the directions of the body (right, left,
up, down, etc.) and to be able to move in all planes of motion.

Spatial Awareness: A concept of how much space the body occupies in relation to the
surrounding environment.

Temporal Awareness: The sense of timing, rhythm, and precision.

Vestibular Awareness: An internal sense of the head and body’s position in relation to gravity.

Proprioceptive Awareness: The ability to interpret the internal sense of where the body and
specific joints are in space and in relation to each other, and how much force/velocity they are exerting.

Tactile Awareness: The ability to appropriately respond to touch, in addition to differentiation of objects by size, texture, and shape.

Visual Awareness: The ability to visually focus, track, and take in broad fields of view.

Don't take our word for it


The young athlete (or for
that matter, any human), should be developing a broad base of athleticism by
doing activities that we used to do including running, jumping, crawling and
climbing. This is far more likely to develop the bio-motor abilities like
strength, speed, mobility, agility, balance, coordination, and power. I have
found implementing an Railyard Obstacle Course with its creative potential can
touch all these components while having fun in the process."

Billy Corbett, CSCS, C.C.S, C.H.E.K

Retrofit TrainingCenter


I teach a very popular adult class on the Railyard that is loved by all! I’ve received many standing ovations from the group conditioning sessions I’ve been hosting at Body by X Skill Development & Training Center with boys and girls varsity basketball, competitive soccer clubs, AAU basketball club teams, and pee wee football programs. The kids jump at the opportunity to go “yard."

Xavier Jarrell McClinton

COO, Trainer, Coach. Mentor, Head Coach NorthBay Lady Cavs


The Railyard Obstacle Course
provides a dynamic environment for the professional athlete to go up, over, around and under an obstacle, thus improving the agility, strength, and power needed for them to succeed in practices and games."

Carol Hahnstadt

NFL Trainer


The Railyard Obstacle Course
gives us unlimited programming options for kids 6 - 18 of varying interests and
ability levels with one extremely important commonality...FUN! As a youth
fitness business owner I am over joyed at the effect the Railyard has on our
conversion rates and retention. The Railyard Fitness System is an investment
you can't afford not to make!"

Dave Gleason, IYCA, Professional

OwnerAthletic Revolution