Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much weight does the Railyard hold?

We rate the Rails holding up to 600 pounds; the Platforms will hold up to 1000 pounds.

How long does it take to set up?

It would take one person approximately 15 minutes to set up our largest Course the #4.  If you’ve a class, let them set it up as a teamwork exercise and give them input for the design so they can take ownership of that design.

How much room do you need to store it in?

The Platforms are 2’x2' and stack as high as you can reach, Rails stand on end 3 to each square foot.  Our #1 Course stores in less than 10 square feet.  We do offer a carrying cart for Courses (cart will not carry the #4) or we suggest platform carts available online from Uline or other industrial warehouse suppliers.

Can you transport it in a truck or van?

Even the largest Course, the #4 will fit in a pickup truck or panel van.  The Railyard can be moved from school to school, room to room, or to different locations for training or promotions.

Can you use the Railyard outdoors?

The Railyard was designed for use indoors on a flat stable surface, if taken outdoors it must be placed on a flat stable surface.  The Railyard should not be placed in direct sunlight, the surface will get very hot to the touch and if wet it can get slippery.

Do you need certification to use or teach the Railyard?

No.  We provide a training manual that will give you everything you need to know about movement on the Railyard.  The jumping, crawling, ducking, climbing, are vaulting movements are executed as you would on any piece of training equipment.  Download the training manuals free here.

Is the Railyard a good investment?

The Railyard is an excellent investment in your business, it will last forever, needs virtually no maintenance and can be used by every member and client.  The Railyard will provide more benefit than most anything you can buy-it's a great investment that will pay for itself.

  • What is Railyard Fitness?

    • Railyard Fitness specializes in obstacle course fitness equipment designed for kids, youth, adults, and athletes.
    • Their portable obstacle courses are perfect for developing global movement, practicing parkour, mastering ninja moves, and playing chase tag.
    • Whether you’re a kid, an adult, or a senior, Railyard has something for everyone.
  • Principles of Railyard Fitness Equipment:

    • Integration vs. Isolation: Instead of isolating specific muscles, Railyard focuses on integrated movement patterns.
    • Body Weight Control and Balance: Users learn to control their body weight and maintain balance.
    • Gravity as Resistance: Railyard utilizes body weight and gravity for resistance.
    • Self-Paced Movement: The courses encourage continual, self-paced movement.
    • Multiple Planes of Movement: Railyard exercises cover various physical planes.
  • Where Can You Find Railyard Courses?

    • Railyard obstacle courses are available in the USA and around the world.
    • They’re used in sports conditioning, physical education, health clubs, training studios, YMCA centers, and more.