What is a Railyard Obstacle Course?

  • The Railyard is modular, add components at any time to meet your needs and is made in the U.S.A. and can be stored in a small space.   
  • The Railyard is durable; you'll find Railyard in commercial installations worldwide that are used daily for the past 12 years with no maintenance or repairs. (We offer a 1-year parts and labor warranty)
  • The Railyard will accommodate all populations; the Rails will hold up to 600 pounds.
  • The Railyard is versatile, set up your Course in dozens of layouts keeping it interesting and fun for you, your students and clients of all ages and abilities.
  • The Railyard is cost effective; you will get more from your Railyard than you will from any other exercise equipment on the market. (A $3000.00 treadmill can be used by 1 person; a $3000.00 Railyard can be used by 10 people simultaneously)
  • Your Railyard will increase revenue. The fun and functional factor will increase sales and the results will keep members engaged.

Exercise and movement on the Railyard is easy to learn and easy to teach, we include a 50-plus page instruction book for adults or for kids with each Course (Download for free here)

We train patterns, not parts. Movement on the Railyard replicates the wide array of natural movements caused by our environment are all brought to being through patterns, not by parts. The parts of the body and the structure of the body submit themselves to the will of the pattern. Patterns that exploit opportunities to deal with force result in stronger parts. Patterns that rely on quick reaction time create parts that respond in an instant. Patterns that create flexibility yield parts that are extensible. In all of the situations that are real in life, we develop better patterns, and the parts respond.

The essence of "functional exercise" is that the exercise carries over into numerous activities—activities that create fundamental foundations, which support more specific skills.

Exercises are diagrammed in the 56-page training manual, which provides all you need (including 20 workouts) to lead a fun, effective, heart pumping workout for everyone, no matter what their fitness level or ability is. The exercises include climbing, crawling, jumping, and ducking, and can be accomplished in varying levels of difficulty by everyone.

You will find the Railyard Obstacle Course in hundreds of schools, athletic conditioning facilities and health clubs around the world. Here's what Dave Gleason, internationally recognized youth conditioning professional says about the Railyard:

We’ve posted dozens of instructional videos on YouTube with new and exciting exercises and movements for all populations. Teaching on the Railyard encourages and rewards your creativity, take your favorite movements and integrate them on the Railyard for new and refreshing challenges. Natural, primal and functional exercise for children and adults is climbing, jumping, crawling, and ducking on the New, RAILYARD CONDITIONING OBSTACLE COURSE. Exercises are easy to learn and teach. A 58-page training manual provides all you need to lead a fun, effective, heart pumping workout for everyone in your facility. Ideal for youth athletic conditioning, children’s exercise and fitness, one-on-one or group personal training, boot camps, military style workouts, family workouts, and home use.

Download both of our training manuals or exercise "Signals" FREE, just click here!

Exercise on the Railyard Obstacle Course is a 100% natural and functional workout that improves cardiovascular, core and muscular strength, balance, agility, coordination, speed, power, flexibility, endurance, posture, and burns calories like no other workout. Exercise on the Railyard improves function, strengthens, and stabilizes the shoulders, core, lower body muscles and joints, back, and hips. This is the world’s most complete workout.

Railyard is for adults, boot camps, group personal training, in health clubs, personal training studios, YMCA's, recreation centers, corporate wellness, hospital fitness centers, and your home.

Video featuring professional fitness facilities that use the Railyard.


The Inspiration behind Railyard Fitness

The Railyard is patterned after hundreds of outdoor courses worldwide used to condition professional and elite athletes for over 50 years.

 The fact is, this type of training has been used in elite sports programs for over 100 years - first used in Europe training Olympic competitors. 

Today, functional bodyweight programs are growing in popularity because they develop the whole body as a single unit allowing users to perform sports and everyday activities with increases in: balance, agility, coordination, power, speed, strength, and endurance...what’s commonly referred to as “global movement skills."

Railyard Fitness introduced the first portable obstacle course in September of 2007.

The course has received rave reviews from physical education, athletic conditioning, personal training, and institutional fitness experts worldwide. 

  • What is Railyard Fitness?

    • Railyard Fitness specializes in obstacle course fitness equipment designed for kids, youth, adults, and athletes.
    • Their portable obstacle courses are perfect for developing global movement, practicing parkour, mastering ninja moves, and playing chase tag.
    • Whether you’re a kid, an adult, or a senior, Railyard has something for everyone.
  • Principles of Railyard Fitness Equipment:

    • Integration vs. Isolation: Instead of isolating specific muscles, Railyard focuses on integrated movement patterns.
    • Body Weight Control and Balance: Users learn to control their body weight and maintain balance.
    • Gravity as Resistance: Railyard utilizes body weight and gravity for resistance.
    • Self-Paced Movement: The courses encourage continual, self-paced movement.
    • Multiple Planes of Movement: Railyard exercises cover various physical planes.
  • Where Can You Find Railyard Courses?

    • Railyard obstacle courses are available in the USA and around the world.
    • They’re used in sports conditioning, physical education, health clubs, training studios, YMCA centers, and more.