Obstacle Course in the FITNESS CLUB

What can the Railyard Obstacle Course do for you in a Health Club, studio or Sports Conditioning facility?

Cesar Martinez, Fitness Director of the Renaissance Sports Club in Alisa Viejo tells us it took his boot camps to a whole new level. His members were excited with the new, fun, and surprisingly difficult exercises the Railyard offers. His trainers had an opportunity to put their creative sides to task, and they developed interesting, functional, and productive new workouts.

The Railyard is an excellent investment in your business, it will last forever, needs virtually no maintenance and can be used by every member and clients.

The Course can be included in youth, sports conditioning, senior, obstacle course specific, group, and one on one personal training programs. You add an advanced degree of balance and coordination to every exercise as you move your members onto the round or flat sides of the elevated Rails. Kettle Bells, Heavy Bars, Sand Bells, and resistance tubes are a completely new experience on the Railyard. Put step ups, push ups, and traditionally static position exercises in motion going left, right, forward, backward, up, over, and under the Rails. You can’t get more functional than that.
Health Facilities have found the Railyard to be the ideal base for youth athletic conditioning, and children’s fitness. Kids love the Railyard, it’s an indoor playground and they have no idea of how hard they are working, or all the benefits their getting.



  • What is Railyard Fitness?

    • Railyard Fitness specializes in obstacle course fitness equipment designed for kids, youth, adults, and athletes.
    • Their portable obstacle courses are perfect for developing global movement, practicing parkour, mastering ninja moves, and playing chase tag.
    • Whether you’re a kid, an adult, or a senior, Railyard has something for everyone.
  • Principles of Railyard Fitness Equipment:

    • Integration vs. Isolation: Instead of isolating specific muscles, Railyard focuses on integrated movement patterns.
    • Body Weight Control and Balance: Users learn to control their body weight and maintain balance.
    • Gravity as Resistance: Railyard utilizes body weight and gravity for resistance.
    • Self-Paced Movement: The courses encourage continual, self-paced movement.
    • Multiple Planes of Movement: Railyard exercises cover various physical planes.
  • Where Can You Find Railyard Courses?

    • Railyard obstacle courses are available in the USA and around the world.
    • They’re used in sports conditioning, physical education, health clubs, training studios, YMCA centers, and more.