Railyard Obstacle Course Testimonials

Elementary School Loves The Railyard. We bought the Railyard for our elementary school kids and they love it. We've also had our high school strength and conditioning coach use it with his athletes, and he's raving about the system. We will continue to add to the layout and will be purchasing the storage unit shortly.
Building Fitness Business In Ireland With Railyard
Sean McCaughey, Owner of Fitnesswest in Westport CO & Mayo Ireland

As both a hands on trainer and business owner I love Railyard Fitness. As a trainer Railyard equipment as a training tool has great versatility, portability and is so unique and fun clients just love it. We use it a lot with schools and it is heartening to see the enthusiasm the kids have for Railyard. As a business owner it has added a new dimension to our business setting us apart from our competitors. The new business we generated covered our outlay in six months.                                                   School For The Blind,  Jeremy Freel, Athletic Director/Elementary PE Teacher Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

"Challenging & Fun For Special Needs"  We are using the Railyard Conditioning Course with our entire PE program PreK-12. The Preschool enjoys for sequencing with the students. Our elementary uses it as a warm-up before the activity that we do for the day. The high PE teachers love it for conditioning. As the athletic director I will be stressing the importance of using it with our athletic programs as a conditioning tool. The adaptations that we are using consist of buttons at each platform to tell the student what the next exercise is that they will be doing. We adapt some of the exercises based on if the student has additional handicapping conditions. We have incorporated it into our Minds in Motions program that we do every morning as a school. This program focuses on crossing the midline activities, balance, and sequencing.  
Scott Adolf, MSed., ACE Certified Personal Trainer Specially Designed Physical Education Teacher Duvals County Public Schools, Jacksonville, Florida

"Addresses All The Physical Skills"  The ROC challenges anyone who dares to step on it. It demands one's entire body to be in unity both mentally and physically to traverse it successfully. In addition, the inventors utilize a viable source to elicit a greater caloric expenditure for all participants, engaging core musculature throughout every exercise sequence/movement. Thus far, it has exceeded my expectations, especially as a special needs teacher. The ROC is innovative and just a plain old FUN-ctional system! 
C.J Cain, Panther Run Elementary Lake Worth Florida, Physical Education

"Every PE Program Should Have One"  It is my belief that a comprehensive fitness program addresses these ten general physical skills, cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, flexibility, agility, accuracy, balance, and coordination. The Railyard Conditioning Course addresses each of these skills with scale-ability to meet the individualized skill levels of our students. I highly recommend the Railyard Conditioning Course to any Physical Education program. 
Phil Lawler, Former PE4life Director of Education and Training

"We Have Two Sets"  Every PE program in the country should have a Railyard in their program. Students enjoy exercise on an Obstacle Course it gets them moving in ways they have not moved before the exercises makes them stronger improves their strength provides cardiovascular conditioning, agility, and body balance. 
Carlye Satterwhite, Curriculum Coordinator/Mentor Teacher Des Moines Public Schools

"My Kids Love It!  We enjoy Railyard so much as a district. We have two sets of Railyard that travel to all of our 50 schools within Des Moines Public Schools. Thank you for everything.   
Cyndi Blankenship, Bethel Elementary,

"Disguises The Fitness Benefits"  I love the Railyard! It can be used for a lot of activities! Health Related Fitness components can all be introduced, maintained and assessed on the Railyard. Kids can up, under, over and around thus improving their power, agility, strength, balance and reaction time, so improving their Skill Related Fitness Components. We use it as a station, fitness station, class obstacle course, movement using loco-motor skills, patterns, levels, etc. the possibilities are never ending. But most important, MY KIDS LOVE IT! 
Paul Zientarski, Instructional Coordinator, Physical Ed., Health, Dr. Ed., Naperville Central High School

"My Athletes Love It"  One of the great aspects of using the Railyard obstacle course is that both sides of the brain are utilized to perform the challenges the course offers, when students have to move across the mid-lines of their bodies. Students actually have fun meeting the challenges of the course, which disguises the fitness benefits derived by participation.
Billy Corbett, CSCS, C.C.S, C.H.E.K 

"Improves Agility, Strength, & Power"  The young athlete (or for that matter, any human), should be developing a broad base of athleticism by doing activities that we used to do including running, jumping, crawling and climbing. This is far more likely to develop the bio-motor abilities like strength, speed, mobility, agility, balance, coordination, and power. I have found implementing an Railyard Obstacle Course with its creative potential can touch all these components while having fun in the process.
Carol Hahnstadt, NFL Trainer 

The Railyard Obstacle Course provides a dynamic environment for the professional athlete to go up, over, around, and under an obstacle, thus improving the agility, strength, and power needed for them to succeed in practices and games.
Stephen Sharpe Clyde Elementary Clyde NC

I love my Railyard. My kids love it as well. It works great in all kinds of situations including fitness activities, obstacle courses, balance activities, and my most favorite has been with my Visually Impaired students and EC classes. I had the privilege of doing an obstacle course for our local VI (Visually Impaired) field day and the Railyard was a huge hit with the children and the teachers. It gave the VI students a chance on a balance beam activity. I cant wait to take it back again this year!!! 
Susan Slocum, Physical Education Dept., Hill Campus, Denver CO

The Railyard provides all the students with individual challenges as they accomplished movement and tasks, while having fun.
Larry Indiviglia, BS MA MBA, CPT ACE, NSCA, Master Trainer FITX-San Diego

The Railyard Obstacle Course is an integral part of our Boot camp programs. We have found Railyard to be easy-to-setup, portable, challenging to our clients and a ton of fun. Railyard is a great tool to differentiate your group training from your competition. I recommend it highly for any training business.
Lance Layman, IYCA Youth Fitness Conditioning Specialist

Getting the Railyard at Chestnut Mountain was such a blessing! It is an incredible piece of fitness equipment. It’s amazing how so many fitness activities can be encompassed in one simple piece of equipment. Another advantage of the Railyard is how easy it is to incorporate into lesson planning. All I have to do is demonstrate a few easy-to-learn moves to my students and then connect those moves together to form an obstacle course. The kids love for me to play upbeat music while they work their way around the course over and over again. It is incredibly satisfying for me to see them having so much fun while getting their little bodies fit and healthy at the same time. I’m thankful that I found the Railyard and look forward to many years of using it with my students! 
"Love Teaching With The Railyard"
Betsy Elrod Chestnut Mountain Elementary

The Railyard Obstacle Course has changed the way I think about fitness after 18 years. I get so fired-up to do Railyard which in turns fires up my clients. I love teaching with the Railyard and my clients love the challenge and fun it brings to our classes/programs.
Best Investment Ever
Jamie Atlas, Bonza Bodies, PT

Wanted to give you a heads up that we have started a new program in our surrounding communities with Railyard every month we offer an open gym on Sunday afternoons for a few hours at one of the schools and open it to the community for kids and adults to play. Once that month is up, we move it to another school/community and do the same thing. It has been WILDLY successful! (We have had communities ask about purchasing a set to use!) We are also incorporating the system with a new program that has been pioneered at Fort HealthCare Moving and Losing. Essentially, it is a weekly meeting for overweight kids/families to hear a little about a health related topic followed by an exercise session with Railyard. Again, a huge success! My apologies on the novel, this has been one of the best investments Fort HealthCare has made and we hope to continue its growth!  Fort HealthCare