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Railyard Transport Cart


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The Railyard Course Transport Cart

The perfect storage and transport for all your Railyard parts.
This easy to move and convenient storage rack holds up to 6 Rails 12 Platforms and 12 tops. This Cart does not hold the #4 Course.  Custom made for the Railyard Platforms, you can stack parts as high as you reach and move them easily from room to room. Railyard Rail and Platform transports are made from High Density Furniture Grade PVC Pipe by industry leader Duracart. The 10 wheels are commercial grade, non-marking TPR, safe for schools, YMCA’s and fitness centers.

The Transport Cart is ideal solution for storage and moving your Course in nearly every application, however there are environments we recommend other options. If you intend to move the cart over door sills, from wood or tile onto carpet or up and down ramps. We recommend calling Railyard Fitness to discuss this product to assure you get the best possible transport for your Railyard.

Platform Transports requires assembly and are constructed from Grey and Black pipe and will hold over 600 pounds. Weight 58 Lbs. 26"x30"x90" Drop Shipped from the manufacture in Hanover PA. allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Options for Courses that need to be moved from one floor surface to another are available from aluminum cart suppliers like these:

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