Obstacle Course for Kids is portable, fun, and functional. You can select or create an obstacle course package that fits your needs.
Obstacle Course Fitness Equipment #1
Railyard Obstacle Course exercise course for group training and fitness
Railyard Obstacle Course exercise course
Railyard Obstacle Course exercise course for sports conditioning
Railyard Plyo Box/Rail for functional exercise training
silver sneaker and senior balance coordination exercise product
Best Railyard Obstacle Course for children's fitness and exercise and physed
Railyard Obstacle Course exercise course for group training
Best Railyard Obstacle Course for youth physical activity and physical literacy
Obstacle Course for Kids
Obstacle Course for Kids
Obstacle Course for Kids
Obstacle Course for Kids
Railyard Fitness

Obstacle Course for Kids


Regular price $4,225.00

Welcome to the Railyard Obstacle Course for kids. This product page features our Obstacle Course #1 layout. To view all of our products for youth, go here.

Your obstacle course for kids, youth, and youth groups is now available! And it's actually designed for teaching and achieving functional fitness while conditioning for athletics and adulthood.  Check out this and other course packages to find the one that best fits you and your organization.

For over 14 years, Railyard Fitness, Inc. has been delivering the finest functional fitness equipment and training solutions available for hundreds of public and private educators and organizations across the United States and abroad.

You can set this package up as a single Course for your entire class or break it into multiple workstations in a training and exercise circuit. You can keep up to 10 students moving at all times with this layout.

Combine the 9-inch and 18-inch Platforms to position your rails on inclines and declines. It's a unique and exclusive feature that dynamically changes the neuromuscular demand for nearly every exercise.

Set your Course up in 2 parallel rails of 19 feet each for alligators, reverse crabs, or more complex speed and agility drills that combine multiple exercises. 

Position rails at 9, 18, 27, or 36 inches high to add variety, challenge, and effectiveness to each of the exercises in our free manual.

The various course designs you can set up give you plenty of space to implement a circuit training program directly from the training manual you receive or one of your own design.  Easy to set up, take apart, store, and move from space to space.

Investing in and training on an obstacle course by Railyard Fitness is an excellent investment in your kids' education. Excellent for use in physical education, sports conditioning, functional fitness, and personal training.

Combine exercises on your Course with traditional circuit or "Ninja" activities like vaults, unders, crawling - with cones, hurdles, and agility ladders for even more fun and challenge.

Make it more challenging by taking your weighted balls, body bars, or resistance tubes onto the Rails - to improve balance, coordination, and increase core engagement in every exercise.

Recommended for groups of up to 10 people

Includes 5 18-inch Platforms , 2 9-inch Platforms, 7 Tops, 4 Rails with nonslip pads on round side, and 1 adult or children's training manual 

Recommended space: 300 sq. ft. Blue or Granite Grey

Component Price List (including S&H):

18-inch Platform - $280.00 each

9-inch Platform - $240.00

Platform Cap (top) - $115.00 each

Rail with non slip on round side - $385.00

Price includes Shipping & Handling - call for custom pricing and delivery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review