Railyard Rail
Railyard Plyo Box/Rail for obstacle course
Railyard Obstacle Course for youth physical education
Railyard Rail
Railyard Rail
Railyard Fitness

Railyard Rail


Regular price $385.00

Position Rails in any of the 4 heights available using our 18-inch or 9-inch Platforms (9, 18, 27, or 36"), or incline/decline the Rail to create a unique and exclusive surface for your exercise.

"The world is not flat. Exercise for the real world."

Railyard Rails feature a flat side and a curved side with an 18 inch diameter. Each Rail has 3 non-slip pads on the round side, the flat side is textured in identical pattern as the Top.

The Railyard is roto-molded polyethylene plastic and will safely hold over 600 lbs.

Rails fit between Platforms and are latched in place by the Platform Caps. 

Each Rail is 7'6" x 12" x 4", and weighs 45 lbs.

Blue or Gray.

Price includes Shipping and Handling.

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