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Obstacle Course
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Obstacle Course
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Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course #1


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You can configure this obstacle course package into a 38-foot, single rail for speed and agility drills like quick overs, or strength and flexibility exercises with bear crawls and inch worms. Excellent for use in physical education, sports conditioning, and functional fitness in health clubs, YMCAs, public recreations, and personal training.

Combine the 9-inch and 18-inch Platforms to position your Rails on inclines and declines, a unique and exclusive feature that dynamically changes the neuromuscular demand of nearly every exercise - "the world is not flat, train for the real world!"

Set your Course up in 2 parallel rails of 19 feet each for alligators, reverse crabs, and more complex speed and agility drills that combine multiple exercises. 

Position Rails at 9, 18, 27, or 36 inches in height to add variety, challenge, and effectiveness to each of the exercises in our manual.

Here is a link to Railyard's videos on YouTube featuring reviews from all over the world.

The various course designs you can set up give you plenty of space to implement a circuit training program directly from the training manual you receive, or one of your own designs.  Easy to set up, take apart, store, and move from space to space.

The Railyard is an excellent investment in your business, it will last forever, needs virtually no maintenance, and can be used by every member and client.

Recommended for groups of up to 10 people.

Includes 5 18-inch Platforms, 2 9-inch Platforms, 7 Tops, 4 Rails with nonslip pads on the round side, and 1 adult or children's training manual. 

Recommended space: 300 sq. ft. Blue or Granite Grey

Component Price List (including S&H):

18-inch Platform - $290.00 each

9-inch Platform - $260.00

Platform Cap (top) - $115.00 each

Rail with non-slip on the rounded side - $395.00

Shipping weight on a pallet 465 lbs.

Price includes Shipping & Handling - call for custom pricing and delivery

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Middle school Ss love parkour and Tag on the Railyard

The Railyard has been a great addition to our middle school PE curriculum and fitness programming. Students have enjoyed the versatility of the equipment. The equipment is durable, safe, and easy to store and assemble. The Railyard has allowed us to incorporate alternative ways of promoting strength, agility, coordination and conditioning into activities such as parkour, competitive tag games and obstacle courses.This equipment benefits students of all abilities and fitness levels….especially at the middle school level. The Railyard has become such a preferred activity for students that we recently purchased a second set. And the customer service is THE BEST!!!

Fun and exciting for the kids

"The Railyard Fitness equipment has been such a fun and exciting addition to our PE program. The excitement my students express when they see the Railyard system integrated into our lessons is contagious! Student participation has greatly increased because they see the new activities Railyard provides as a fun way to challenge themselves. This allows students of all fitness levels to be successful, as there are endless activities and modifications to match student needs. This system can open up so many unique opportunities. Whether you want students to work on specific muscle groups or push their limits in a new and safe way. It is easy to add it into a fun game for an extra challenge as well. Railyard fitness is a great addition to any PE program!" Soaring Heights Prek-8

Leslie Mueller, B.S., C.P.T.
Challenges the entire body

I use this type of training because it challenges the entire bodys strength, coordination, balance, cardiovascular condition, and flexibility and does so in a very natural way. My clients and students of all ages love the Railyard because it is fun

Emily Phommachack PE Teacher - St. James Elementary
It's very unique

The Railyard equipment takes up the entire gym and is very unique, they can hone their physical skills, such as support, balance and dance.

Anne S. Wiggin, NCBT Lotla Elementary School
The kids love the Railyard!

The kids love the Railyard!