Obstacle Course Fitness Equipment #2
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Obstacle Course #2
Obstacle Course #2
Railyard Fitness

Obstacle Course #2


Regular price $5,480.00

If you're looking for obstacle course fitness equipment for adults or an obstacle course for kids with fitness benefits, the five (5) Rails in this design package gives you the widest variety of stations for the lowest cost.

With this package, you can have one Rail at the high (36") position at all times. Use the 9-inch Platforms to set Rails up on incline/declines. Muscular demand changes dramatically when going up or down a Rail, so does the fun factor!

Easy to transport so you can share your course with facilities in your district, organization, or set it up at community events to promote your program!

Whether you own a personal training studio, health club, or are shopping for your family, this course gives you everything the $40,000 outdoor courses offer, right in your home or studio.

Imagine, a Bear Crawl from the floor onto the Platform—up the Rail and up onto the higher Platform—then over the high Rail to a handstand dismount. Now that's a core-building, functional exercise!

We’ve designed these packages as examples, you may purchase as many or as few components as you require to meet your needs and budget. Call to discuss custom pricing and delivery options.

Here is link to Railyard videos on YouTube featuring reviews from all over the world.

The Railyard is an excellent investment in your business, it will last forever, needs virtually no maintenance and can be used by every member and clients.  Excellent for use in physical education, sports conditioning and functional fitness in health clubs, YMCA's, public recreations and personal training.

Recommended for groups of 15 people and up.

Includes 7 each 18-inch Platforms and 2 each 9-inch Platforms, 7 Platform Caps, and 5 Rails with pads on round side.

Stocked in blue or gray.

Substitute or add 9-inch Platforms to your package. Call for quote.

Recommended space: 250 sq. ft.

Component Price List (including S&H):
Platform (base) - $310.00 each
Platform Cap (top) - $125.00 each
Rail with pads on round side- $415.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review