Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course #4


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Adult and youth obstacle course fitness equipment was once hard to find. And yet for over 14 years, Railyard Fitness has provided trainers and organizations with the finest indoor obstacle course fitness equipment. So let's take a look at some things you may want to know when you search for obstacle course ideas for adults and kids.

You can set this package up as a single Course for your entire class or break it into multiple workstations in a training and exercise circuit. 

You will be able to keep 15 - 20 adults, kids or athletes or more moving at all times with this layout. Combine exercises on the Course with traditional circuits or activities like vaults, unders, crawling, cones, hurdles, and agility ladders for even more fun and challenge.

Take your weighted balls, body bars, or resistance tubes onto the Rails to add challenge, balance, coordination, and increased core engagement to every exercise.

On the Railyard Obstacle Course, all exercise programs begin to look like the activities we do in athletics. Jumping, crawling, and ducking are necessary to perform at your optimum. Whether you're conditioning for a Spartan race or for navigating the planet with agility, the variety and challenge on an indoor obstacle course for adults and kids is incredible!

You will have enough Platforms and Rails to set up two of your Rails in the high (36") position, giving you 4 Rails in the low (18") position.

You can split this package into 2 or 3  separate courses if you plan to work with small groups or two different families.  Easy to set up, take down, move and store.  Easy to teach with included training manuals.

Here is a link to Railyard's videos on YouTube featuring reviews from all over the world.

Use 9-inch Platforms to incline/decline Rails for more variety and fun!

As a personal trainer, health club, or youth conditioning business, this is when the Railyard Conditioning Course starts to become a revenue center.

You can train athletes, wellness-oriented adults, and much more—anyone whose job or sport requires they move left, right, forward, backward, up, and down.

The Railyard is an excellent investment in your business, it will last forever, needs virtually no maintenance, and can be used by every member and client. 

Excellent for use in physical education, sports conditioning, and functional fitness in health clubs, YMCAs, public recreations, and personal training.

In stock in Blue and Granite Gray.

Recommended for groups of up to 30 people.

This Course includes:                                                                                                      

12 each18" Platforms (base) 
2 each 9" Platforms 
14 each Platform Caps (top)
8 each Rails with pads on the round side 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Students love it.

I just want to let you know that the Railyard fitness equipment is working out great for us. I have the 4 rails and 6 platforms set up ‘permanently’ in the gym. The students are allowed to use them at any time that we are not engaged in another activity. However, since the equipment is ‘permanent’, it is also used as obstacles during other activities such as tag games, frisbee, football, and, basically, any activity we do at that end of the gym. Some students like to roll yoga balls up and down the rails, as well as chase each other along them and crawl under them. Some students like to try jumping from one platform to another, as well as over or sliding under. Some just watch, then I might later see them trying things by themselves without onlookers or pressure. They are all having fun doing what they feel comfortable doing as they unintentionally practice to improve their agility, balance, coordination, dexterity, muscular strength and more!
I will have another teaching segment using the equipment, but it is working out well as a readily available, sturdy and safe environment on which to experiment and play.

Laurie Callies DAPE/Phy-ed Specialist, MA
Students love it!

I have seen our younger students use it at Kaposia and how motivated they are to be moving and active on it while working on their foundational gross motor skills of balance, motor planning, problem solving, sharing, etc.
My students for DAPE are all in the lowest percentile for gross motor skills. Your product allows them to work on balance, vestibular, proprioceptive, gravitational insecurities, motor planning, and motor coordination all while “playing” and working at their level. The planks have grips and are larger, which makes it easier and more successful for my students. They can be flat or rounded to work on different types of balance as well as high or low to work on motor planning. I like that we can do different arrangements and heights to help or challenge students and target different components of motor development. I also like that you can build in fitness components for specific muscle groups using the equipment. It will be shared in the school so instead of shipping it back and forth across the district I wanted a second one for our school of 900 so that my DAPE students, preschool students, and the entire mainstreamed physical education students can benefit from having the system.

Phil Lawler, Former PE4life Director of Education and Training
Every PE program should have one

Every PE program in the country should have a Railyard in their program. Students enjoy exercise on an Obstacle Course it gets them moving in ways they have not moved before the exercises makes them stronger improves their strength provides cardiovascular conditioning, agility, and body balance.

Caesar Martinez, Wellness Director Renaissance Club Sport,
members and trainers love it!

It is so functional, the Railyard Obstacle Course offers a different layout every time and every day. Our members and trainers love the variety it provides in the class/program whether it is functional training or athletic training.

Coach Dave Gleason
Develops youth athletes

As a youth sports performance trainer and coach my equipment purchases are driven by versatility and multi-user availability. The Railyard Fitness System allows me to coach an entire class on one system. It gives us unlimited programming options for kids 6-18 of varying interests and ability levels with one extremely important commonalityFUN! As a youth fitness business owner I am over joyed at the effect the Railyard has on our conversion rates and retention. Kids (and adults) gravitate toward what is fun. Fun, effective and efficient programming makes the Railyard Fitness System an investment you cant afford not to make!