What is Corrective Strength Training? And can Kids Benefit from it?”

What is Corrective Strength Training? And can Kids Benefit from it?”

     Corrective training may lead to better balance among the muscles and stability within the joint, ultimately decreasing the number of injuries sustained in an individual's performance in a sport. The benefits are usually seen from the use of training that emphasizes the body's natural ability to move in six degrees of motion. 

     Is this day and age youth fitness and exercise is ever evolving and so are the injuries.  Serious injuries such as ACL tears and rotator cuff injuries that were once thought to be for only seasoned veterans and over worked and out of shape weekend warriors are now being seen in children as young as 12.  This many times is not only a result of pursuing a serious sport a younger age but more often than not is due to a younger growing body responding to an outside stress.  The largest study of its kind was conducted to find out if Adolescent girls playing soccer had drastically ACL tears when they had at least one 15-minute warm-up session each week.  In a randomized trial involving some 4,500 members of different girls’ soccer teams, the group assigned to perform the neuromuscular exercise sessions had 64% fewer ACL tears than the control participants. Injuries such as these have been a growing concern as the number of girls playing higher level high-intensity sports such as soccer and basketball has increased. One study published in 2007 stated that the injury rate related to soccer among female athletes had risen nearly 50% since 1990.  In a new study, females athletes were randomly assigned a specific warm-up regimen twice a week.  Clubs that already had a warm-up program intended to reduce knee injuries were not included in these trials. Results were reported from 230 teams, comprising more than 4,500 players, over the 2009 soccer season. The program included six exercises intended to boost neuromuscular knee control and core stability, replacing the standard stretching routines typically used for warm-up. These trials proved that core stability and proper neuromuscular control were crucial in achieving proper balance to keep the athletes safe.

     Now what does this have to do with the Railyard Fitness? Everything! The Railyard Fitness system was designed with youth fitness and exercise in mind.  The ever evolving obstacle course utilizes crawling, ducking, climbing and jumping while improving agility, balance, flexibility and neuromuscular strength and general conditioning in a fun and noninvasive environment.  Your little athletes will grow by leaps and bounds literally and never even know it because they are having so much fun.  The Railyard Fitness obstacle course is growing in popularity daily by the industry leaders in youth fitness and exercise

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