Sedentary Kids, what is the cost?

Sedentary Kids, what is the cost?

Sedentary Kids. There is no question that today’s youth lack exercise. Childhood obesity is at an all time high and has contributed to chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, in children. Due to budgetary restraints, youth fitness and exercise programs have been placed on the back burner in many schools. Physical education classes and school sports have been reduced. Too many kids lead somewhat sedentary lifestyles.

Healthy Families. Kids need some form of exercise everyday. Are your children getting the exercise they need? Are they at risk for health problems because they lack fitness? Do you motivate your kids to exercise? Have you created a healthy family lifestyle? If not, it is time for your family to embrace fitness and exercise. Railyard fitness offers a variety of exercise courses and fitness equipment to meet your family’s needs.

Kids are never too young to be taught the value of good health. Start exercising with your children and encourage them to participate in age appropriate sports. If your kids are not interested in joining sports activities, you will need to find ways to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. Ride bicycles, roller skate, or go for daily walks together as a family. Buy a set of jump ropes for quick workouts at home. Whatever you do make fitness and exercise a priority for your family.

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