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Football Sled and Battle Rope Anchor, Multi-Purpose "3 in 1"  Weight Sled and Fitness Anchor
weight sled and fitness rope anchor
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Football Sled and Battle Rope Anchor, Multi-Purpose "3 in 1" Weight Sled and Fitness Anchor


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  • "The sled is solid and I love how easy it is to throw some sandbags or slam balls and adjust the weight for each client." Real Fit Fitness
  • "I have two of these sleds and use them with my football team mostly during the off season. They are sturdy and easy to use. We have got a ton of use out of them in spring and this summer. There have been no negatives about the sleds, just great work outs. I recommend this product."                       Coach Rob, Ottawa KS.

The new "Made in America" Railyard 3 in 1 Workout Conditioning and Speed Sled you gives you the most Weight Sled for your money. We’ve taken the old metal sled and redesigned it to let you use all type of weight to load it – you are not forced to use plates any longer. The Railyard Workout Sled can be pulled from both sides letting you team up for partner pulls and the Railyard Weight Sled can be used to anchor up to 6 battling ropes or other fitness products like resistance tubes.

Add an optional Power Handle (not included) and you can push your Sled for leg strength, also available with Harness and Tow Strap (not included in this package). Be prepared for any and all your fitness demands with this versatile and functional addition to your product mix. (Not for use on unfinished concrete or asphalt)

Ready to use on indoor and outdoor turf, carpet, rubber and finished concrete. 

The Weight Sled and Anchor will fit in a Railyard Obstacle Course, the Railyard Platforms fit on the Sled Anchor either separately or built into the Obstacle Course layout. 

The "Granite Gray" Weight Training Sled & Anchor is 36" x 18" and made of 16 pounds of tough, construction grade polyethylene and guaranteed for 5 years against any breakage or we will replace it! The removable center post nests in a molded in recess in the Sled for storage when not in use, (no need for a center post if you load it with weight other than plates.) 

Load it with plates, kettlebells, sand bells, med balls, or dumbbells, you’re not limited to plates only. The Railyard Fitness Weight Sled Anchor is one product that’s does the job of three using the new weights in your facility. You can anchor up to 6 ropes or resistance products (three on either side), pull it from both sides on indoor or outdoor turf, finished concrete or customize it for use on asphalt or wood floors.

The Workout Sled is a versatile tool for much more than speed training, when used as a speed Sled. Training and conditioning with a workout, speed, weight or training sled will improve acceleration, speed and endurance; use our Sled to add options to your training including two way pulls. The Railyard Sled is the only Sled you can pull both ways and the only Sled that lets you use any weight you have handy! Our exclusive runners on the Sled bottom will have your Sled following right behind you on artificial and natural turf, carpet or finished concrete. Attach the Optional Push Handle (not included) and now it's a Power Sled you can push to develop power. You can anchor up to 6 fitness tools like fitness ropes or resistance for group training. The perfect Sled for functional conditioning for the fitness enthusiast, serious athlete at home or for commercial use. This is a lifetime investment in your health or your fitness business. A 1.5 inch battling rope will fit though any of the 6 anchor holes, for ropes larger than 1.5 inches they are attached with rope or web loop. The Railyard Weight and Conditioning Sled will work with any harness, belt or tow strap.The bottom runner design keeps your Sled tracking straight as you pull or push it on turf.

The Railyard Weight Sled Anchor package includes:

  • 1 each Railyard Weight Sled and Anchor
  • 1 each removable Center Post

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review