Fun, Functional

for kids 3 and up

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The Railyard is portable, easy to set up and take down, stores in a small space, and can be transported easily from location to location.

The Railyard is made in the U.S.A. and in over 1000 youth programs worldwide.

Easy to implement fitness program, and includes complete training manual.

The Railyard is where global movement skills and a love for exercise are developed.

You can condition your kids and youth with total neuromuscular engagement that's exciting and elevated.

Use the Railyard in Ninja and obstacle courses as stations or obstacles.

Include multiple planes of movement including forward, backward, lateral, up, down, across, over, or under.


Every PE program in the country should have a Railyard in their program. Students enjoy exercise on an Obstacle Course, it gets them moving in ways they have not moved before in new and exciting elevated environment.  The exercises makes them stronger, improves their strength and provides cardiovascular conditioning, agility, and body balance."

Phil Lawler, Former PE4life Director of Education and Training

One of the great aspects of using the Railyard obstacle course is that both sides of the brain are utilized to perform the challenges the course offers, when students have to move across the midlines of their bodies. Students actually have fun meeting the challenges of the course, which disguises the fitness benefits derived by participation."

Paul Zientarski, former Instructional Coordinator, Physical Ed., Health, Dr. Ed., Naperville Central HS

We have 2 sets.  Students enjoy exercise on the Railyard because it gets them moving in ways other products do not allow.  This exercise makes them stronger, more agile, improves their balance, coordination, endurance and strength."

Carlye Satterwhite, Curriculum Coordinator/Mentor Teacher Des Moines Public Schools

My kids love it!  We enjoy the Railyard so much as a district.  We have two sets of Railyard that travel to all 50 or our area schools in Des Moines Public Schools."

Cyndi Blankenship, Bethel Elementary

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